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Recent Work



Ladies and Kids Innerware 

AmoreKerala.com is a retail showroom dedicated to providing high-quality products for kids and ladies. As an active retailer of many leading brands in India, the shop offers a diverse range of items including trendy apparel, accessories, and essential everyday products. With a focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and passion for the products they offer, AmoreKerala aims to curate a delightful shopping experience for its customers, catering to their diverse needs and preferences.



IT Infra 

iLEADSBiz.in is a seasoned IT Infrastructure and System Integrator company, founded in 2014. Specializing in providing top-notch solutions for BPO, Call Center, Government, PSU, BFSI, and Education Projects within the domains of IT and ITES. The company prides itself on its commitment to technical excellence, reliability, and professionalism, which have established an enviable reputation for customer satisfaction and long-lasting relationships.



IT Infra 

ArMee Infotech Pvt Ltd has established itself as a leader in the System Integration and Service Delivery domain for over two decades, assisting brick-and-mortar enterprises in their IT and Digital transformation endeavors. The company recognizes the unstoppable march of IT-enabled services and digitization as a creative disruption, with digitization serving as the catalyst for irreversible change. Serving a diverse client base across government, BFSI, and corporate sectors, ArMee Infotech offers a range of services including IT Consulting, Systems Integration, smart POS Solutions, Managed Services, BPO, IT applications, and Cloud services.



Tuition Class

SoftechEducate.in offers expert coaching tailored for CBSE students from grades 3 to 12, providing personalized tuitions to unlock their full potential. Located at Sona Cross Road, New CG Road, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, SoftechEducate.in is dedicated to helping students excel academically through specialized coaching and individualized attention.



Malayalam Language Coach

SweetMalayalam.in offers expert instruction in learning the Malayalam language, providing an immersive and structured learning experience. Students can enjoy the richness of Malayalam through a scientifically designed curriculum that focuses on listening, writing, and reading. With a meta-cognitive approach, the learning process is made lucid and easy, allowing learners to grasp the language with ease and enjoyment.



Martial Arts Training

Shotokan Karate Mojo offers a unique approach to the traditional martial art of Karate, focusing not only on self-defense but also on providing tremendous health benefits. As a style of Karate, Mojo emphasizes achieving a healthier lifestyle, getting into shape, and improving mental health. Through practicing Karate Mojo, individuals can attain an ultimate physical, mental, and spiritual state, enhancing discipline in various aspects of life including diet and rest. This practice not only improves physical fitness but also instills supreme self-confidence and empowers self-esteem. The primary goal of traditional Karate is to cultivate a well-balanced Mind & Body, promoting overall well-being and harmony.



IT Service

Spring World, established in 2017, is a leading provider of IT consulting services. With a team of industry experts boasting over 15 years of experience in Office Automation, Service Delivery, and Facility Management, Spring World offers comprehensive and standardized services for a wide range of IT products. Their highly trained engineers and technicians collaborate closely with clients to deliver tailored service solutions. With a flexible service delivery model, Spring World ensures that customers of all sizes and compositions receive personalized and effective solutions to meet their IT needs.


Kerala Cultural Association


KCASabarmati.in, also known as the Kerala Cultural Association (KCA), was conceived by forward-thinking, philanthropic Malayalees with a deep commitment to socio-economic and cultural development. Initially established to provide economic and emotional support to fellow community members in times of crisis, KCA has since evolved into a dynamic organization. It plays a pivotal role in offering assistance for medical emergencies, fostering cultural development, and providing educational support.